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The Good News of Jesus for Seekers, Saints, and Sinners

By author: Bruxy Cavey
Product Code: 80133
ISBN: 9781513801339
Binding Information: Digital (Delivered electronical

Publication Date: 5/9/2017

Digital (Delivered electronical
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Join Bruxy Cavey, bestselling author and teaching pastor at The Meeting House, in the pages of Reunion: a dynamic investigation of the most earth-shattering, piety-smashing, life-changing news ever. Dig into Scripture with Bruxy as he unfolds God’s message for the world in one word, three words, and thirty words. Learn why you shouldn’t follow the Bible (but why you’ll want to read it to learn how to follow Jesus). Scout out the real definitions of sin and salvation, which might surprise you. Discover your true citizenship in the Jesus nation, where you might be ready to die for a cause but never willing to kill for one. Glimpse a God who is Love itself and who, like it or not, just can’t stop thinking about you. If you’ve heard about Jesus so often that he makes you yawn, give him one more chance. If you think the gospel has something to do with religious rules or rituals, think again. Whether you are a restless seeker, struggling sinner, or sanctimonious saint, get ready for a reunion: with your true self, with others, and with the God who longs to welcome you home. One of Missio Alliance’s Top 15 Essential Reads of 2017.
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