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Rewilding the Way

Break Free to Follow an Untamed God
Rewilding the Way

By author: Todd Wynward
Product Code: 9948
ISBN: 9780836199482
Pages: 288
Binding Information: Paperback / softback
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 9/1/2015

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When did we become so tame? How has “the good life” come to mean addiction to screens and status, fossil fuels and financial fitness? Can we break free to become the joyful and prophetic people God calls us to be? Trek along with wilderness guide Todd Wynward as he “rewilds” the Jesus Way. Seek the feral foundations of Scripture and the lessons that the prophets and disciples gleaned from wilderness testing.

Packed with inspiring stories of how contemporary people and groups are caring for the land and each other, Rewilding the Way issues a call to action. Read about how reskilling and local food covenants are transforming churches, and how place-based activism and creative housing are nurturing communities. Learn from those who are recovering from affluenza, replacing visions of personal wealth with the commonwealth of the earth and restoring their humble place in the community of creation. Do you despair about life on our changing planet? Join the hopeful band of seekers of God and makers of change who are rewilding the Way.

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1. Tame Christianity
2. We’re the People God’s Been Waiting For
3. You’ve Been Occupied

4. Going Cimarron
5. The Deal with the Desert
6. Staying Awake
7. Living on the Loose
8. Rewilding Education
9. Job Qualifications

10. Steer by Inner Authority
11. Rely Upon Radical Grace
12. Embody Enoughness
13. Lead Through Meekness
14. Encourage Holy Insecurity
15. Embrace the Unraveling
16. Trust in the Spirit

17. Take Part in the Great Turning
18. Live More With Less
19. Get in Relation with Creation
20. Redefine the Good Life
21. Practice Watershed Discipleship
22. Reimagine Our Churches
23. Re-envision Our Communities
24. Restore Our Home

Epilogue: Stumbling Toward Bethlehem
About The Author

“For those who think Christianity should run counter to the dominant culture, this book offers a wild and exhilarating idea about how lives might be lived!”—Bill McKibben, author and activist

“I read a lot of good books. But seldom have I read a book that inspired me as much as Rewilding the Way. It is important, meaningful—and so beautifully written.”—Brian D. McLaren, author and activist

“Any who want to consider a life with purpose, peace, and the rewilding call of God need to read this book!”—Tracey Bianchi, author of Green Mama

Rewilding the Way calls us to be dangerously alive to the ultimate source of life and the critical challenges of our time. Todd Wynward is a voice crying out in the wilderness with surprising playfulness, practicality, and hope.”—Mark Scandrette, author of Free: Practicing the Way of Jesus and Soul Graffiti

Rewilding the Way is a clarion call not to the ‘good life’ but to a better life, a life based on God’s dream rather than the American Dream, the Jesus Way rather than culture’s mores. Wynward invites us to make the leap from a mild faith to a wild faith based on the countercultural gospel message of less me and more we.”—Nancy Sleeth, cofounder of Blessed Earth and author of Almost Amish

“Here is a primer for a First World Christian faith seeking to respond to the interlocking social and ecological crises stalking our history with discipleship rather than denial. Wynward knows his way around wilderness—as landscape and religious tradition—and is a reliable guide for exploring both. I commend this readable, engaging introduction to following Jesus and de-domesticating our churches in this demanding and discouraging historical moment.”—Ched Myers, Mennonite activist theologian

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