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Sexuality: God's Gift / Revised / Epub eBook

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Publication Date: 6/17/2010

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Big business makes big money selling a phony notion of what we want and need as sexual people. Ads insist that certain products will make us more sexually appealing. But what we really want and need is true intimacy—the knowledge that we matter to another person and are loved for who we are. We all are sexual beings, all of our lives, and relate to each other sexually all the time. God marvelously made us this way. Using the metaphor of sexuality as a good gift from God, this book offers Christian resources for living a sexually healthy and fulfilling life.

"Extraordinarily comprehensive, nuanced, and sensitive—even richer than its predecessor. It is a splendid resource for all Christians who wish to live more deeply in gratitude to God for their own sexuality."
—James B. Nelson, professor emeritus of Christian ethics, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

"An important contribution to Christians seeking to celebrate their sexuality with holiness and integrity."
—The Rev. Debra W. Haffner, executive director, Religious Institute, Westport, Connecticut

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