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The Bible Unwrapped

Making Sense of Scripture Today

By author: Meghan Larissa Good   Foreword by: Gregory A. Boyd
Product Code: 80235
ISBN: 9781513802350
Pages: 272
Binding Information: Hardback

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Many people have questions about Scripture they are too afraid to ask. Drawing from the best of contemporary biblical scholarship and the ancient well of Christian tradition, scholar and preacher Meghan Larissa Good helps readers consider why the Bible matters. The Bible Unwrapped delves into issues like biblical authority, literary genre, and Christ-centered hermeneutics, and calls readers beyond either knee-jerk biblicism, on the one hand, or skeptical disregard on the other. Instead, Good invites readers to faithful reading, communal discernment, and deep and transformative wonder about Scripture. Join an honest conversation about the Bible that is spiritually alive and intellectually credible. Read the ancient story of God in the world. You may even learn to love it.

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