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The Hochstetler Story

With photographs, maps, and historical background
The Hochstetler Story

By author: Ervin R. Stutzman
Product Code: 00370
ISBN: 9781513800370
Pages: 76
Binding Information: Paperback
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Publication Date: 11/1/2015

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Jacob Hochstetler was a peace-loving Amish settler on the Pennsylvania frontier when Native American warriors, goaded on by the hostilities of the French and Indian War, attacked his family one September night in 1757. Taken captive by the warriors and grieving for the family members just killed, Jacob found his beliefs about love and nonresistance severely tested.

Jacob endured a hard winter as a prisoner in an Indian longhouse. Meanwhile, some members of his congregation—the first Amish settlement in America—moved away for fear of further attacks.

The Hochstetler Story includes maps, photographs, family tree charts, and other historical documents to help readers enter the story and era of the Hochstetler family. Author Ervin R. Stutzman assembled this information as he wrote Jacob's Choice, a novel focused on the life of Jacob Hochstetler.

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Historical Background



Chronology of Jacob's Capture and Escape

Lancaster Longhouse

Hochstetler Family Tree

Historic Anabaptist Beliefs

An Early Twentieth-Century Account

List of Sources

The Author

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