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The Power of All / Epub eBook

Building a Multivoiced Church

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ISBN: 9780836197143
Binding Information: Hardback

Publication Date: 8/22/2012

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Whenever renewal occurs, everyone in the church is drawn into involvement in the church’s mission. But within a generation or two, vitality wanes and ministry is left to religious specialists. In The Power of All , renewal leaders Stuart and Sian Murray Williams confront this thought-provoking dilemma by asking: how can a New Testament model help empower and renew the church in today’s post-Christian society?

Follow the authors as they outline how early churches were multivoiced, valued the gifts of all, and expected that the Holy Spirit would speak through all members of the community. Discover the growth and opportunities that occur when we nurture the wider community’s spiritual talents.

"Bold, original, and practical, The Power of All is full of stories of congregations in trouble and congregations coming to life. The authors have written a multivoiced book on multivoiced church life; the medium and the message work together. Wonderful."
—Alan and Eleanor Kreider, authors of Worship and Mission After Christendom

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