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Walking with Jesus

Walking with Jesus

Edited by: Mary Clemens Meyer
Product Code: 13574
ISBN: 9780836135749
Pages: 88
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 10.00 x 8.00 inches

Publication Date: 6/5/1992

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Twenty true stories about people who followed Jesus’ way when going the other way would have been much easier. With God’s help, the main characters of these stories return good for evil, risk their lives to help others, or become peacemakers when conflict erupts.

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"Strong themes of peacemaking and Christian love permeate these true-life anecdotes. Most take place within the 20th century, but several date from the 19th. That everyday Christian kindness, generosity, and forbearance from ordinary people can exercise a redeeming effect on others is demonstrated throughout.... Well-written, and easy-to-read." —Church and Synagogue Libraries

SKU:  9615
ProdMkt ProductForm: Paperback / softback
Product SubTitle: Devotions for Deeper Living

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