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Wee Wonder Music CD

Wee Wonder Music CD

Product Code: 9543
ISBN: 9780836195439
Binding Information: CD-Audio

Publication Date: 7/2/2010

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Young children enjoy learning through music. The Wee Wonder Music CD includes a new song to learn and sing with every module of Wee Wonder curriculum. Purchase one CD for each teacher. Click here to here samples from the Wee Wonder CD.

Wee Wonder is a year-round 52-session curriculum for two-year-olds. Twelve creative modules introduce twos to a loving God through play, Bible stories and activities.

Modules: We come to church, God made the world, We thank God, Jesus is born, Jesus and his friends, Loving God, God is with us, Holy Week and Easter, Jesus told stories, We help others, God’s people share, Word pictures for God.

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Read an interview with the creators of Wee Wonder.
Click here to see a sample session from Wee Wonder.
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