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What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

Series: John Howard Yoder Series
By author: John Howard Yoder
Product Code: 3603
ISBN: 9780836136036
Pages: 144
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 8.00 x 5.00 inches

Publication Date: 8/14/1992

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John Howard Yoder helps answer the age-old question—“What would you do if someone was attacking your grandmother, husband, wife, daughter, or son?” Yoder provides a variety of responses to this classic question: his own thorough ethical analysis along with the answers given by other writers such as Leo Tolstoy, Dale Brown, and Dale Aukerman and a variety of real-life stories of people who have discovered alternative responses to violence.

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Section 1: Taking the Question Seriously

  • The Assumptions Behind the Question ... 12
  • The Emotional Twist to the Question ... 17
  • War is Different ... 20
  • The Options Available ... 24
  • A Second Look at Another Way Out ... 32
  • More Specific Christian Dimensions ... 37

Section 2: Other Ways to Respond

  • Count Leo Tolstoy: Certain Things Christians Cannot Do ... 45
  • S. H. Booth-Clibborn: Is It Too Late? ... 50
  • C. J. Furness: Faith in the Power of the Spirit ... 55
  • Henry T. Hodgkin: No Revolver as a Last Resort ... 60
  • Joan Baez: Three Cheers for Grandma! ... 62
  • Dale W. Brown: Why Not Add a Bit? ... 69
  • Dale Aukerman: The Scandal of Defenselessness ... 75
  • Dale Aukerman: What Would You Do If? ... 78

Section 3: But Does It Really Work?

  • Tom Skinner: Something or Somebody Glued Them ... 89
  • An Anonymous Missionary: It Was Like a Spring Thaw ... 91
  • Gladys Aylward: You Say You Have the Living God Inside You ... 95
  • Terry Dobson: The Art of Reconciliation ... 104
  • Dorothy T. Samuel: Sometimes What It Takes is Trust ... 108
  • Sarah Corson: Welcoming the Enemy ... 111
  • Angie O'Gorman: Defense through Disarmament ... 120
  • Peggy Faw Gish: Neither Violent nor Victim ... 130
  • Art Gish: What If I Had Punched Him Back? ... 135
  • Lawrence Hart: A Gesture of Peace ... 137

"Anyone who is at all interested in nonviolence will find Yoder's insights helpful in sharpening her or his thinking. Others who might ask the question with the intention of trapping pacifists will be given pause and forced to think twice. Christian pacifists and others exploring nonviolence will long be indebted to John Howard Yoder for this important contribution."

--The Christian Century

"Writing from a nonresistant perspective, Yoder examines the assumptions behind the question [of what would you do?] and offers a Christian response to the dilemma, emphasizing the following of Christ's example."

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