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Who Are the Mennonites? brochure

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Who Are the Mennonites? brochure

Product Code: 80432
ISBN: 9781513804323

Publication Date: 9/18/2010

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A contemporary brochure describing Mennonite differences and points in common with other denominations. The full-color brochure looks at typical impressions people have about Mennonites and then goes a step farther to comment on items such as: life of modern Mennonites, peacebuilding, putting faith into action, global people, and community as a response to modern culture. Includes brief historical timeline.

Who are the Mennonites brochure offers a succinct history of Mennonites, key beliefs, and practices in easy-to-read language. It explains how Mennonites are found all over the world and include people from many cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

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