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Winds of the Spirit

A Profile of Anabaptist Churches in the Global South
Winds of the Spirit

By authors: Conrad L Kanagy, Tilahun Beyene, Richard Showalter
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ISBN: 9780836196368
Pages: 264
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Publication Date: 8/29/2012

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In this groundbreaking study, the authors make an unsettling claim: Anabaptist churches of the Global South have more in common with the church of the first three centuries than they do with contemporary churches in Europe and North America that claim the Anabaptist name. With data from 18,000 church members in ten countries, they show how historical patterns of church renewal are repeating themselves today in the Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The study does more than crunch statistics; it probes the sources and nature of the renewal and growth. And it pushes readers to ask what these trends can teach the church of the North in their own quest for faithfulness and vitality.

"A compact and informative thesaurus on emerging ecclesiastical and cultural meanings of ‘Mennonite.’ Christian faith today is not merely a world religion, but a substantially non-Western phenomenon."
—Jonathan J. Bonk, executive director, Overseas Ministries Study Center

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"Provocative and thrilling, this book paints a picture of Anabaptism on the move around the world. Some will find the snapshot unsettling. Others will swell with gratitude and hope."
—Mark R. Wenger, director of pastoral studies, Eastern Mennonite Seminary

"Winds of the Spirit should prompt the Mennonite church in North America to reassess its place within the larger movement of God’s Spirit in the world. I recommend it enthusiastically!"
—John D. Roth, professor of history, Goshen College, and director of the Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism

"Winds of the Spirit reminds us that Anabaptists in the South have much to teach us about how to reshape and revitalize Anabaptism in the North." —Juan Francisco Martínez, associate provost for diversity and international programs, Fuller Theological Seminary

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