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Yahweh Is A Warrior

Yahweh Is A Warrior

By author: Millard C. Lind
Product Code: 1233
ISBN: 9780836112337
Pages: 248
Binding Information: Paper
Size: 8.25 x 5.38 inches

Publication Date: 11/8/1980

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Millard C. Lind's classic study of warfare in ancient Israel. Israel saw God alone as delivering his people, without the need of human warriors.

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"[The traditional understanding of the nature of war in the Old Testament] needs revision from every angle: the underlying anti-Judaism, the imperial establishment mood, the failure to perceive in the Hebrew Scriptures the evolution from Joshua to Jeremiah, and in postcanonical Judaism the further evolution through Jochanan ben Zakkai to Judah 'the Prince.'

"One core part of the task, the most strategic in some ways, is the revision that Millard Lind is undertaking. What was actually the shape of the war story in the formative experience of ancient Israel? When properly understood, does that meaning point toward or away from Jesus? The New Testament witness seems clear.... Jesus claims Abraham, Moses, and 'all the prophets' as his precursors. It should therefore not be surprising from the gospel perspective if Lind's revision were right; but the reader must judge." —John Howard Yoder

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