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Branson L. Parler

Branson L. Parler

Branson Parler is Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has held that position since 2008. Prior to coming to Kuyper College, he earned his B. A. at Cornerstone University (Grand Rapids, MI), where he majored in Pre-Seminary Studies and minored in Ancient Languages and English Literature. He earned his Master of Arts from the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, Ontario, where he focused on Theology and Philosophy of Religion. He earned his Ph.D. from Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids. Prior to serving as full-time faculty member at Kuyper College, Branson taught adjunct at Calvin College and Cornerstone University for three years.

In his role as teaching faculty, Branson teaches a variety of courses, including Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, Doctrine I and II, Introduction to Philosophy, Christ and Culture, and Creeds and Confessions. Branson has previously published articles and presented papers on the thought of several thinkers, including John Howard Yoder, Abraham Kuyper, and Augustine. Along with John Nugent and Jason Vance, he has developed an online searchable index of the works of John Howard Yoder. This massive undertaking has recently launched and works continue to be added. His website is

Branson was born in Waterloo, Iowa. He is a member of Fourth Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There he serves as an elder, teaches, and preaches on occasion. He has been married to his wife, Sarah, for eight years. He and Sarah have two beautiful daughters, Eliana (3 years) and Ruby (1 year).

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